M e n e r o u d

A r n a u d

"The roots of my work lies in a philosophy that can be applied and should be applied to everyday life,
from the world of ideas to the materiality of life itself, this is where my inspirations take place.

I don’t want to limit myself to any medium, but I believe that Virtual Reality is a promising one, making the human consciousness as the actual main medium, by putting the headset on we put ourselves into someone else shoes, I like to see in it a way to invite the audience to project itself into a different level of consciousness, as much as I see in it a metaphor of the duality that, as human being, we are all facing, between the world of thoughts and the word of things."




 Ever since the dawn of humanity when the first man blew a pigment on to the back of his hand, for ever leaving his mark in history…



intimacy explores the relationship between Drawing and introspection through Virtual Reality. The environment is drawn by hand in a Virtual Reality software, then transformed into an interactive experience. The experience starts in a room symbolizing a therapist room before being guided through the journey by a thought called the monologue.

Copyright Arnaud Meneroud